Technology Support Service

Why Pratt Computing Technologies? 

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Just Look at Some of the Technologies and Services we Provide:

Proactive Managed IT Support Services

IT Consulting

On-Site Support

Desktop, Server & Technology Infrastructure Support Services

Office365 Setup and Consulting Services

Cloud Computing Consulting, Services and Solutions

Backup & Disaster Recovery with Off-Site Backups

Technology & Business Alignment Strategic Plans

Network / HIPAA Risk Assessments

Product Sales and Installation

Office moves and Expansions

Multi-Office Connectivity

Proactive 365 X 24 Remote Monitoring

We have been providing tech support and managed services to area businesses since 1985, so we do understand how effective IT support helps a business to grow. The support services we provide is based on the client's specific needs: sometimes it is flat-fee managed services and sometimes it is not.

Since our support philosophy is Business First & Technology Second, we don't try to force the latest technology on out clients. It's about how technology can help YOUR business run Faster, Better and Smarter.

Our job at Pratt Computing Technologies is to help you focus on your core business, be more efficient, more competitive, and spend more time doing what is important to you and less time on your technology.

We take seriously our responsibility and obligation to help our clients achieve what is best for them in the areas of technology and strategic planning, all designed to help their business run Faster, Better and Smarter!

Would you take your brand new car to an old fashioned "shade-tree mechanic" to have it worked on? Of course you wouldn't - not only would it void the warranty, but he wouldn't have the tools and experience to work on it because of the latest technology. So why would you trust your technology- and, for that matter, in some cases the future of your business - to old fashioned break-fix tech support which is just like the "shade tree mechanic?"

So what type of tech support do you need? If your business is not growing and you are not worried about competition then break-fix support service is probably what you need . If your business is dynamic, growing at a rapid pace (or you wish it was), you need to maintain that pace or be even faster, then Pratt Computing Technologies has the service you need.

We re-invent tech support to make your business run Faster, Better and Smarter!

Call us to see how we can help your business run Faster, Better and Smarter.