“Blount Gastroenterology Associates has been extremely pleased with our relationship with Pratt Computing Technologies over the past 6 years. I can’t say enough about the excellent service we have received. With our previous IT support provider we were always dealing with very slow response times, they wouldn’t understand what we were wanting and problems not getting resolved correctly and to our satisfaction. Since Pratt Computing Technologies has been providing our IT support things have been very different. They are easy to work with, have very fast response times, take time to understand what we want and always finish the work to our satisfaction. They were even able to convert some historical data from an old SCO UNIX machine to our Microsoft Server; which saves us a lot of time when we need to look up some information. They have been great to work with and have definitely helped our practice keep up with the changes in technology. I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come”.
Melinda Smith, Office Manager, Blount Gastroenterology Associates

      “Vascular Diagnostics Center is an independent diagnostic testing facility that provides non-invasive vascular ultrasounds. Technology is very important to both our business and our patient care. We were having continuous issues with viruses, malware and other computer problems that were never getting resolved by our previous tech support provider. When we switched to Pratt Computing Technologies they quickly resolved the virus and other ongoing problems. Whenever a problem comes up now they are able to address it within a few minutes through their remote access and quickly get it resolved, even if they have to come onsite. They took the time to learn and understand our business so our technology plan supports our growth and they are able to work with other vendors to make sure that everything flows together. I highly recommend Pratt Computing Technologies to any business that wants to get more from their technology and their IT support than what they are getting now."
Deanna Lowe, Administrator, Vascular Diagnostics Center

       “Fountain City Finance is a financial institution that specializes in home mortgages. Technology is very important to our business so we had to do something when saw how much our technology was a piece-meal configuration that was old and slow. Pratt Computing came in, listened to what we wanted, made recommendations in plain English which was easy to understand and then completely upgraded our network. Now our technology helps us provide better service to our customers since it is much faster and everything is very uniform and flows together. Pratt Computing Technologies has also provided exceptional on-going support. The techs are friendly, easy to talk to, know what they are doing and are quick to respond to and fix problems. If we have a problem we are able to quickly talk to someone and get it resolved. They are a great company and would highly recommend them to anyone.”
Daryl DeCosta, V.P. Fountain City Finance

        “McDonald, Levy and Taylor – Attorneys at Law is a busy law firm located in Farragut. We have been very pleased with the technical support services Pratt Computing Technologies has provided our firm since 2001. Our firm has always used technology to provide our clients better service and results. As such, we keep abreast of technological changes that we should implement. The staff at Pratt Computing Technologies has consistently proven to be very knowledgeable and responsive. We have been especially pleased with their ability to help us make the right technology decisions and not implement unnecessary expensive changes. Through the products and services they provide, they have kept our infrastructure very stable. Pratt Computing recently upgraded our computers and software which included moving our email to Office 365. This upgrade has enabled our employees to work much more efficiently and faster. We highly recommend Pratt Computing Technologies.”
Farrell A. Levy, Partner, McDonald, Levy and Taylor