Small Business Specialist


Microsoft® Small Business Specialists offer technology advice, support, and service, specific to your small business.Like most small business owners, you’d rather spend more time on your business, and less time on your technology. As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, we can help your business thrive. To achieve Small Business Specialist status, we've been trained to help businesses like yours better respond to technology challenges.

As a result, we can focus on your unique IT needs, assisting you in making smart technology decisions for your company.

Here are some of the reasons why using a Microsoft Small Business Specialist makes great business sense:

Peace of Mind
You can feel confident knowing that as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist we have the technical training and commitment to support your specific technology challenges.

We are experts in small business technology and can help you choose and implement the right solutions for your business quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

Better Enabled Business
We are experts in Guerrilla Marketing and Customer Relationship Management and can help you have better enabled people through a new strategic approach to using technology to amplify the impact of your people and build your business.