How NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports Uses Microsoft Teams to Win Races

MicrosoftTeams provides a single system for all communication so you don't miss any important information. Legendary race team HendrickMotorsports uses Teams to win more races, collaborating from the track to their headquarters
For the 2018 racing season, NASCAR imposed new regulations on competitors, including limiting the number of team members allowed on the track during races. Last year with the  pandemic, even more restrictions were placed on the race teams. For legendary race team Hendrick Motorsports, this meant that many of the race-day crew would now need to perform their critical duties remotely from the team headquarters in Concord, NC. Hendrick Motorsports adjusted to the new regulations with technology, by making Microsoft Teams their new hub for all race communications and decision making.
This video below shows seven time champion Jimmie Johnson sitting in his car, in the garage at the track, communicating with his "dedicated" person at the Hendrick shop in Concord NC. That is a great example of connecting remote employees.
Microsoft Teams is the communication hub for any business, whether the employees are all in one place or spread out all over the country.
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