Managed Services

Managed Services

Our tech support philosophy is Business First and technology Second. It's not about the latest technology; it is about how the technology can help your business run faster better and smarter.

For over a quarter of a century we have helped people see their technology in a different light and how it can help then solve business problems and achieve their goals.

The Pratt Tech Advantage

Proactive Technology ManagementCentralized ServicesThis is the remote maintenance, patch management, anti-virus, anti-Malware and system optimization that keeps the computers, servers and network running optimally.

Reactive Support Services
Customer Support

Every support provider has some version of reactive support, even the providers that only provide “break-fix” support. Since issues have an effect on your business, we have streamlined the process to isolate and resolve any problems as quickly as possible with our Helpdesk, multiple ways to report any issues, and our remote support framework

Network Administration
Dedicated Network Administrator
This is not the tech assigned to your account but a separate person whose job it is to see that your technology is set up in every way the Pratt Tech Advantage way. They have a check list of things that we can’t automate and a series of best practices. They will look at things like Backups, Disaster Recovery, Security, Exchange, Active Directory, things that affect performance, productivity and risk. They will look at these on a regular basis and make sure that your technology is always running optimally and gets predictable results

Technology Consulting
Dedicated vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)
We assign a Virtual CIO to every account and they are the quarterback of your account. They look at the other three areas, they will review the best practices and documentation from the network administrator and see what kind of issues are coming from the reactive support and they are going to combine that with the relationship with you and the understanding of what you do with technology in your business. They take all of this information and combine it into a technology summary which they discuss with you during regular meetings.